Skellig Island

30th of the August 2021, I’m arriving on the island, Sceilig Mhichil. So, it wasn’t just my fantasy, I did a second step, reached another point on my Dream Map. First was Cross Guard, „The Eye of the Sword” as I called. Skellig is the Hilt. Michael’s Sword, what actually is I didn’t realized till now. Is it a mighty piece of metal, Yedai’s saber, or …? No.

My mind is the Sword. The miracle start to begin, power of will come to me. Before my trip, I drew funny couple climbing the stairs leading to the sanctuary, even I had two tickets, my journey was lonely. Unexpectedly what I wish come true, not exactly as I thought to be, but Michael gave me her companion, Texan Girl. Instead of flower she holds camera, my sword wasn’t used fully aware.

I’m imagine you, drawing in my mind and sending my winged friends, go tell her I’m looking for you, to love by the power of will.

Valentina Bay, here is starting the journey where my brain and heart talking each other incessantly. Oh yes, that is the place from where the First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was laid, I’ve just learned about the Telegrapher’s equations explaining how voltage and current behave when propagate along the transmission line. Even here I’m connected such a way through my electronics studies. Oh yes, here you are Great Skellig and her little sister looms on the horizon of the ocean, my destination. My heart is wining that battle, romantic soul drifting on water. Closer and closer, look at you all around …

The Rocks, not only me seeing faces and characters, one is called the Cross of Wailing Woman, Christian reminiscence, I wouldn’t say so, my perspective is different. I see Giants, proudly looking into the blue, sky and ocean, like those one’s from St. Michael Mount. The Stairs, those stairs where I saw you, were abandoned this time.
First Gate.
The Domes. Beehives Cells. Chapel. Monastery. Sanctuary.
700 feet up.

Who lived here and when? History for sure long and cover in mist. Since IX century Augustinian establish here the Church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, but was build on a mound that was part of the great Gallic complex of menhirs and avenues of stone at Carnac in Britany. The Great Skellig as a place of druidic rite is something about which there has long been speculation. Did the Michael invocation denote a place where there had been druidic power?
For sure the power is here.
May the force be with you.

As an eagle you fall on prey.
I am the victim.
And with a feather from your wing
on the water I draw a mark.
Listen again, it’s blowing the wind.
I give you my time and wait for a sign.

From Past to the Future. Now